Rotab tala lashar

Rotab tala lashar Co’s main policy is based on Customers as the company’s main priority and each and every procedures and endurance is made to ensure their satisfaction. therefore, all products along with customer’s services are based on fulfilling this ultimate goal in order to obtain both local and foreigner customer’s satisfaction.

We Have One Goal

To ProvideThe Highest Quality
Organic Products and Services.

Gathering products that are high quality and completely organic is never easy but when we set that as a goal for ourselves we have accepted It’s difficulties so that our customers and their families can use them blissfully.

for gathering the high quality organic products our company has directly bought them from our local farmers market and in our unit packing we hand pick the best ones and we keep them in great condition so that they can have their best quality.

We at rotab tala contact our costumers directly.we export and sell products internally as well.

After each sell we offer contact ways to our customers and they can contact us through our website and social media.

Our Discovery

We found that Mazafati dates are one of the most delicious types of dates in the world. This date is more specific to Iran and grows in areas of Kerman and Sistan & Baluchestan provinces and has the best quality. But it has been less introduced to the world and the reason may be the special conditions of this delicious date. It is wet and very sensitive and its storage conditions are relatively difficult and should be stored at a temperature of 5 , -5 degrees.

Rotab Tala Lashar Company, which had established its work to supply this product, made a great effort in this field so that this product reaches the customers with the highest quality after harvesting and packaging. In this regard, we realized that if we buy the product directly from the farmer and immediately deliver it to the refrigerator and after cooling, pack it, we can deliver this sensitive product to customers with the least loss of quality.

Our Mission

Rotab Tala Lashar Company now offers a variety of products including dates, nuts, beans and rice to its customers. And our only mission that will never change is to offer the company’s products to customers with the highest quality and the best conditions.

In order to achieve the company’s mission, there are very clear mesh lines that we have grown up with. In order to complete our mission, we do everything that is necessary for our products to reach the customers with excellent quality. We procure the product from the farmer, pack it ourselves and sell it with the highest quality.

Loving customers is your growth

If you want to make good and always be successful, first of all love your customers, prepare your products as you would like to be offered to yourself. You will progress when your customers like us and Trust you, that is when you will feel satisfied and prosperous in any situation.

Saeid Mohammd Balouchi

Founder of the company

The lashar Team

Abdolsattar Gordahani

Sales Manager of the company with a master's degree is always trying to keep the company in the best condition and everything to be done on time for customers.

najib Balouchi

Sales and support management of Ratab Talai Lashar Company with an always happy spirit manages the sales and marketing of the company and delivers the company's products to customers.

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