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The Rotab Tala Lashar company has provided many types of dates and processed products of dates and also rice, Cereals and grains and beans in good packaging for the market.

The latest products. Free of chemicals.

We prepare and package all kinds of organic and completely healthy dates approved by the Iranian Food Supervision Organizations that do not contain any chemicals and deliver them completely fresh to our customers. Lashar currently offers different types of packages and different weights. Produces and supplies.

In addition to dates, Lashar uses the company’s capacity and experience and imports and exports other types of agricultural products. Products such as rice, dried fruits, cereals and spices are imported and exported.


Free of any chemicals

Fresh & Healthy

Completely fresh and healthy products

100% Organic

Completely organic products



Our profession is production and supply of different types of dates.Lashar at the moment has many types of local and native dates with the highest quality for the customers.

The company at the moment has dates like:



Lashar, with its agricultural background and using its export and import experience in cooperation with trusted producers, imports and exports all kinds of fruits to the country. Fruits such as:



Lashar Co. Is currently presenting all kinds of rice, grains, dried fruits and nuts, which are provided by fully trusted producers, to foreign and local markets with the highest of quality.

we at ratab talai lashar company have put our customers as our first priority and we pick our products with scrupulosity so we can keep them always happy with their purchase.

Cause your concern about the quality of the products is our concern as well and we try our best to have many different products suitable for you and your family

Najib Balouchi

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